• Type of an antiseptic used by the Housekeeping (detailed description is available at the Reception):
    General T1 disinfectant and furniture cleaner
    Kliniko -speed Clean Center+ disinfectant
    Dymosept disinfectant cleaner
  • We wear a mask and/or gloves for increased safety.
  • Our Housekeeping colleagues disinfect the community spaces, elevators and the staff areas at least three times a day.
  • Hand sanitizers are installed in the lobby and on all floors in front of the elevators.
  • There are kleenex holders and bins with pedals placed in the lobby so that our guests do not have to ask for these items from our staff, no interaction is needed.
  • For the convenience of our guests, Housekeeping has placed two pieces of  ‘For Your Convenience’ cards in each room to help the guest in case something has been left at home.
  • When entering and leaving a guest room, we use hand disinfectant.
  • During room cleaning we always open the windows to  increase the efficiency of ventilation.
  • The Deluxe Laundry ensures cleaning and disinfecting our in-room textiles. Security measures can be read via this link
  • We continue to provide dry cleaning services on weekdays.
  • After check-out, we disinfect the guest room with an ozone machine and do not accept reservations for that room the same day.
  • An A3-size information board with pictograms is placed in the reception area.
  • Our receptionists constantly disinfect the counter and the coffee machine of the Lounge Bar.
  • Guests are asked to place the pen they touched in the ‘used box’ after using a pen and we disinfect them during the night.
  • At the Lounge Bar our guests can use a disposable paper cup that they can request from the reception.
  • In case of emergency masks and gloves are accessible at the reception and from the housekeeping.
  • In the elevators, a warning-sign has been placed asking the guests to use the elevator only with the people staying in the same room.
  • Guests are kindly asked to use the sauna only with the people they are staying in the same room.  If you wish to use the sauna, please ask for a free appointment at the reception so that we can prevent you from meeting other guests.
  • If the guest is experiencing signs of coronavirus, he/she is asked to stay in the room until the medical services arrive. The guest can choose to call the hotel's official partner, the Swiss Clinic, or the OMSZ (National Ambulance Service). 
  • An infrared thermometer is available at our reception for possible symptom testing.
  • In toilets and in public spaces an increased air extraction is used.
  • To protect our colleagues, we clean the fan coil equipment on a weekly basis in the back office.
  • We have increased the fresh air supply throughout the hotel.
  • Ozone disinfection of the wellness area takes place every night between 24:00 and 07:00. During disinfection the entrance of the wellness area is closed with a cordon and rope, and we inform the guests on an infoplate that ozone disinfection is taking place, no entry is permitted.
  • At our meeting rooms after each event we perform ozone disinfection during the night with the help of our receptionists. Disinfection takes place during multi-day events as well.
  • During a coffee break in our meeting rooms, the Front Office team opens the doors of both rooms and ventilates the rooms, wipes the door handles and the coffee machine with an antiseptic cloth.
  • The used audiovisual and IT devices are disinfected by the event hostess after use.
  • After an event in the meeting room the paper is placed in a separate container for 3-4 days, pens are disinfected at reception during the night.
  • In meeting rooms we have placed a closed bin for the safety of our guests.
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